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The prebending function is important to the roll plate machine

Update date:2017-11-11 Browse:2437

Now a lot of roll board machine all emphasize have prebend function, so what is coil board machine prebend function? Machine is for continuous point bending of sheet metal shaping machine tool, the common symmetrical three-roller plate type when rolled plate, the general will leave certain death edge width on both ends of the sheet metal, so after the volume made into cylinder, bending function is to get rid of dead edge, into the cylinder. The machine rolled out the workpiece at the end of the workpiece has a straight edge and it needs to be welded to make the coils time and reduce the work efficiency. Cut machine can use level and the upper roller universal machine, silver advantage on roller universal machine roller can move horizontally to make plate bending could be eliminate straight edge, so as to improve the working efficiency.

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