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The second phase of the company's high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing workshop was officially broken ground

Update date:2017-11-11 Browse:3080

Jiangsu longxu heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Off the 2105, 2016, ushered in, a New Year long xu heavy industry's top leaders made a breakthrough in jiangsu's decision, will increase 10000 square meters of new plant used as a new high-end machine research and development, assembly and manufacturing. Now the industry is in a bottleneck stage, the ordinary machine tools has not been in order to meet the high-end customer requirements, industry 4.0 propulsion, high speed, energy efficient, environmental protection, intelligence is the needs of the development of our heavy industry, so in order to meet the needs of customers, to occupy the high-end market, our company is willing to invest heavily and workshop, expanding new high-end intelligent processing equipment, the introduction of high-end talent, focus on research and development of high-end CNC machine tools. Our company always believes that the market is made, not waiting to come out, as long as the challenge of the self can win. Only if you walk in front of your peers can you win the whole high-end market. All of our employees will also work hard for new goals!

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