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The state intends to adjust tariff on imported machine tools

Update date:2017-11-11 Browse:2863

On July 25, China machine tool industry association convened industry main business symposium, industrial department, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, Chen said the special CNC machine tool development planning (draft) is reported, is currently in the process of the advice.

On the fiscal and taxation policy, the state shall implement a has industrialization of advanced numerical control machine tool imports will cancel the tax-free policy, domestic enterprises development, the manufacture of these cannot be produced domestically numerical control machine tool key parts, shall be exempted from import duties or implement that returned to after soliciting import value-added tax (VAT) before they return. Countries with domestic brands and independent intellectual property rights and popular type segment in the machine tool can be bulk supply market feature of machine tool feature backbone enterprise of nc machine tool features according to the VAT rate 17% legal, to the actual tax burden is part of more than 3%, namely the tax refunds by enterprises for research and development and expanded reproduction, not as a corporate income tax levied on the taxable income, exempt from income tax.

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