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2017-11-11 • The second phase of the company's high-en.. Jiangsu longxu heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Off the 2105, 2016, ushered in, a New Year long xu heavy industry's top leaders made a breakthrough in jiangsu's decision, will in.....

2017-11-11 • 1000 full - CNC fast forging machine succ.. The company employee through the efforts to complete 1000 tons of full servo CNC fast forging machine, and get the approval of the company! At present this kind of equipment in our.....

2017-11-11 • The state intends to adjust tariff on imp.. On July 25, China machine tool industry association convened industry main business symposium, industrial department, deputy director of the national development and reform commiss.....

2017-11-11 • The prebending function is important to t.. Now a lot of roll board machine all emphasize have prebend function, so what is coil board machine prebend function? Machine is for continuous point bending of sheet metal shaping .....

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