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Chinese machinery manufacturing: lagged behind Europe and America 30 years

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Though corporate brands such as haier, TCL has been completely "localization", but to buy air conditioning, shoppers will tell you the compressor from Japan, to buy a refrigerator, shoppers will tell you the compressor is from Japan. Industry insiders believe that China's machinery manufacturing is nearly 30 years behind Europe and America.

Joint venture sorrow

In April 2014, xugong group co., LTD., which is the industry of engineering machinery in China, was basically sealed with Carlyle's merger plan. Carlyle Asia bought 85 per cent of xugong engineering machinery group, a subsidiary of xugong group, for $375m. Although June due to the intervention of the sany holding process of twists and turns, but it put an end to the our country many economists fear "caterpillar winner-take-all mechanical engineering industry in China" plan temporarily come to an end.

In March 2014, the world's largest equipment manufacturers - the United States caterpillar to lower the price of the "surprise" acquired a 40% stake in shandong heavy industry, since in the engineering machinery, tougher than carter has made the acquisition of a large, purpose is "eating into engineering machinery in our country. The xugong group, which has been stable in the engineering machinery industry for many years, is certainly one of its stated goals.

If the Carlyle deal succeeds, it would be the equivalent of a blow to caterpillar. But for Carlyle, the ultimate aim is to sell xugong at a better price, so the development of xugong will remain an unknown.

Since the 1990 s, large multinational companies to tap into the domestic machinery industry market, mainly in the automotive, electrical appliances, cultural and office equipment, instruments and meters, general machinery and engineering machinery and other fields, this a few industry accounted for about 80% of the foreign direct investment amount of mechanical industry.

Association of machinery industry Yu Zhen such statements of foreign investment changes: "the basic premise is in investment activities in China must maintain its control, particularly notable is particularly keen on the current multinational enterprise m&a in our country the advantage of high growth industry enterprises." Now we can see that in pump industry of nozzle, the German Bosch company purchase the market leaders in nozzle pump industry in China - jiangsu weifu co., LTD., almost all the nozzle of the pump industry in our country is multinational company merger and acquisition, holding, after years of building technology center is revoked, merge; In bearing industry, the national bearing industry's first listed company four years ago - northwest bearing co., LTD., has been with the world's third largest Germany FAG bearing company joint venture, the joint venture company after two years into a Germany solely invested enterprise.

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