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Hydraulic brake type shears are widely used

Update date:2017-11-11 Browse:3331

Hydraulic brake type shearing machine widely used in all kinds of metal materials to meet the need of different direct shear, is mainly used in steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, container manufacturing, and switch electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, light industry and other industries. This year, the state has issued a series of rules for the development of imported goods and equipment. As the important support of the shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturing industry, the timely updating of large hydraulic brake shears is especially important to meet the new requirements.

Hydraulic brake type shears are integrated with electromechanical fluids and absorb the advantages and specialties of traditional mechanical brake shears. The optimal design of the product solves the defects of the shear width of the pendulum shear plate. In this paper, the process of slow speed, noise and unreliable work is solved, especially with the return of dual nitrogen cylinder, which can improve the speed of the tool holder by 30%. The main components of the frame, such as the "UG finite element analysis", make it have good strength and rigidity. After the optimized design, the products are well controlled and utilized by the products in accordance with national standards. Compared with the same kind of products: firstly, it solves the defects of the shear width of the hydraulic pendulum shear plate. 2 it is to solve the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine return speed is slow, the noise big, don't wait for a phenomenon, reliable and can ensure that in the event of a connector under the condition of fracture failure, still can guarantee the machine safe and reliable.

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