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What do you need to pay attention to when cutting the blade?

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1. The shearing machine shall be responsible for the use and storage of the special person. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool.

2. The use of the cutting machine is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to shear hardened steel and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials.

3. Blade edge should be sharp, blunt or damaged, should be polished or replaced in time.

4. When people operate, they should be directed and coordinated.

5. It is forbidden to cut two different kinds of materials at the same time.

6. When cutting board incoming material, it is forbidden to promote the operation under pressure plate. When cutting materials should be pressed with iron plate, the finger should be left at least 200 mm when cutting.

7. After lifting the line with a pry, you should immediately pry out the withdrawal before shearing, such as the iron plate moving, applying the wooden pillow, so as not to press the foot to pick up the attack.

8. The cut piece must be placed smoothly, not piled too high, and not stacked on the aisle. Remove the leftover material and waste materials and keep the site clean and tidy.

9. The safety operation of the bending machine must comply with this code.


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