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Safe use of roll board machine process

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1. Preparation before starting

1. Check whether the parts are abnormal, and the fastening screws (cap) should not be loose. The brake should be normal and reliable.

2. Adjust the drum distance strictly according to the thickness of the plate and shall not overload the operation. Can not coil pressure beyond the mechanical properties specified range of the workpiece.

2. Attention matters in the operation of the roll board machine

1. It is necessary to keep the workpiece stable and the position is positive to drive the operation, and the signal should be clearly specified, and one conductor shall be appointed.

2. The hand should not be placed on the rolled steel plate, and the sample should not be used for inspection, and the roundness of the sample should be checked after the shutdown.

3. When rolling to the end of the steel plate, roll the roll to the end of the steel plate to prevent the workpiece from falling down.

4. When the work is done, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the workpiece and find the positive roundness on the rolled cylinder.

5. When rolling the workpiece with thicker diameter and larger diameter, it should lower the roller and roll it in a small amount.

6. When rolling a narrower cylinder, roll the roll in the middle of the roll.

7. After entering the roll, the workpiece shall prevent the hand and clothing from being sucked into the roll.

Three, roll board machine stop attention matters

1. If there is abnormal sound of machine operation, check and adjust repair immediately.

2. Disconnect the switch and cut off the power.

3. Place the workpiece in the designated place after shutdown.

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