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Working principle and method of CNC bending machine

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This kind of CNC bending machine tool for bending the thin plate. , including the CNC bending machine mould bracket, workbench and clamping plate, when used by a conductor to coil electricity, after electrify produces gravity to clamp, so as to realize the clamping plate between the pressure plate and the base. Because of the electric magnetic clamping, it can be used to make a variety of workpiece requirements, and it can be processed to the workpiece of the side wall, and it is very simple to operate. According to the ordinary hydraulic CNC bending machine mold processing Q235 sheet materials to do a brief introduction:

1. First, turn on the power, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump, so that you can hear the oil pump turning. (the machine does not move at this point)

2. Stroke adjustment, use must pay attention to adjust the itinerary, must test before bending. It must be ensured that there is a thick gap between the top and bottom. Otherwise, the die machine will be damaged. The adjustment of stroke also has electric quick adjustment.

3. Select the groove of the groove and choose the slot with a thickness of 8 times the width of the plate. If the sheet that bends 4mm, need to choose the slot of 32 or so.

4. After adjustment of the back material, it is generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine tuning, which is the same as the shearing machine.

5. Step down the pedal switch and start bending. The CNC bending machine is different from the cutting machine. It can be released at any time, loosen its legs and stop, and continue to slide. Plastic CNC bending machine tooling, plastic folding machine, plastic board CNC bending machine mold, plastic plate bending plastic plate bending directly, without joining together, without slot, don't need a electrode, the Angle of the appearance it hold water, it will be hand soldered into a fully automatic machine operation, improve the quality, improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor cost, shorten the production cycle of products. Fully automatic plastic folding Angle machine is a fully automatic mechanical equipment. According to the principle of plastic sheet heating and soft melting welding, it is suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic materials. The speed is quick, the corner treatment surface is beautiful, the intensity is high. Hydraulic shearing machine is divided into pendulum and brake type. Pendulum is due to the arc, activated carbon and arc blade production is very difficult, is commonly made mat iron blades after compensation, so of clearance is not accurate, cut out of sheet metal is not very ideal. Because it is arc movement, the rectangular blade can't make it, and acute Angle should make it, so the force of the blade is not ideal, the blade damage is severe. A pendulum shear domestic representative for tianshui machine tool plant and punching and shearing machine tool plant. Brake type hydraulic shearing machine has overcome the above all problems. But at present domestic manufacturer can do brake type shearing machine is not much. Relative to the shearing machine, CNC bending machine tooling technology content to be a little higher. At present domestic common G shape and F, F shape should be domestic traditional product, its use is built-in adjustable mechanical stop positioning, because it is built-in the partial load resistance is weak, so have the Yellowstone in the early days of CNC bending machine mold has a balance valve, but also because of the hydraulic, too multifarious, brings to the late maintenance and stability is very serious problem. The latter is G type, after the F type model to improve its use outside skateboarding mechanical positioning, type F the more simple, more convenient debugging, even in the case of both sides Angle difference under can also be released from amateurs to add gasket to problem.

Now there are H CNC bending machine mold, the structure is different than before two kinds of it as a lever type structure, which is generally used in large tonnage CNC bending machine tooling, through the lever principle, the force amplification. At the same time it USES electric \ \ \ \ fluid combined with the location of the control, in the same tonnage of CNC bending machine mold especially high performance-price ratio. But domestic manufacturer of such models, numerical control hydraulic sheet metal numerical control bending machine mould bed main features: WC67K CNC bending machine tooling, USES the steel plate welded structure, vibration aging eliminate stress, machine tool has very good rigidity and stability, and the whole frame rigidity, stable, safe and reliable, easy to operate, through the CNC bending machine mould numerical control system and hydraulic system of the coordinated control, to achieve the ideal effect of bending.

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