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The CNC roll machine is ushered in the development of new opportunities

Update date:2017-11-11 Browse:1665

Experts pointed out that engineering machinery well in April, the main reason is that the downstream of basic construction and real estate industry, by the same token, the machine tool industry also will be affected by the downstream construction machinery industry, the gradual recovery. According to machine tool factory store controller introduces, engineering machinery is the big client machine tool industry, the industry needs a large number of vertical machining center, CNC lathe, robots, CNC bending machines, CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, all kinds of press, etc., and to demand of CNC machine is the largest. Faced with such an opportunity, how to seize the panel manufacturers?

In fact, to grasp the user, we can implement the strategy of "land thunder war" - first make landmines, then investigate the enemy's routes, and finally lay mines. The specific steps are as follows:

Product strategy:

First of all, the CNC roll board manufacturer needs to do "land mines". A product cannot be suitable for all users, numerical control machine is not exceptional also, some enterprises need processing thick steel plate, some of them are processing thin plate, some users want to with that of the numerical control system, and some have to Siemens system... By the same token, the engineering machinery with numerical control machine and auto parts industry needs the machine must be different, the machine factory advised factory to investigate what the industry needs, according to the requirements of the production of CNC machine is the most popular with users.

Market strategy:

With top-notch CNC rollers, manufacturers need to know where the user is going, so they can "land mines". The machine shop has set up 20 million purchasing funds each year, which is awarded to every customer who comes to the machine shop. This method has attracted a large number of quality buyers. In addition, the machine tool factory shop also cooperate with the factory of the world net force, flow net import millions from the factory every day, at the same time also import a large number of effective inquiry, let more machine tool manufacturers enjoy the economic benefits of network marketing.

Promotion strategies:

The last step is to "bury mine", which is to carry out publicity and promotion on the road of the procurement of CNC rolls. But whether it's magazines, exhibitions or Internet marketing, it's a huge amount of money for a manufacturer that's still in the middle of a cold winter. It is perceived this difficult, machine tool factory shop began to implement according to effect payment model, free help baidu promotion, the exhibition publicity machine tool manufacturers, not clinch a deal not to collect fees, reduce the burden of machine tool manufacturers maximize!

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